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O2 TV Fashion

O2 TV – ATL/BTL campaign for Czech market

1 251 706 product page visits in 6 weeks

5 000 000 views at Facebook and Youtube

45 000 set-top-boxes giveaway

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<p>This frameset document contains this <a href="https://player.vimeo.com/video/184662489">video hosted on Vimeo</a></p>

O2TV is unique. It can rewind in time, remembers your favourite shows, gives you an extra channel with best sport content, and much more. It’s simply the best TV on the market, so we’ve treated it that way. We orchestrated a campaign that highlighted all the functions of the TV as it was latest fashion trend. Because they are. The usual way of watching TV is so old fashioned!

Jiří Horut, Head of Art - Oliver Central Europe

OLIVER has planned a 360° campaign for a unique product on the Czech market – O2TV. The key words were ambition and uniqueness. The product was placed in the world of fashion and advertised as the most attractive TV on the market.


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