Infographic: What Do Brands Need To Know About Generation Z?

The next generation to watch is Generation Z. They might be young, but they’re surprisingly influential when it comes to family spending. Concerned about the future, they want their lives and the brands around them to matter. And being brought up in a world of tech means that they filter advertising easily.

So what does this mean for brands? The infographic below shares insights around Gen Z and what brands need to watch out for.


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OLIVER provides clients with dedicated agencies. We do this because we believe the traditional agency model is not fit for the speed of modern marketing. Businesses want, and rightly demand, the same quality of strategic and creative thinking the traditional agency provides, but at a speed that befits how they now work.

The traditional agency outside-in model means that huge quantities of time are wasted in the back and forth and linear processes between agencies and clients. OLIVER agencies come to the client, live inside their office and solve their problems collaboratively.

OLIVER agencies are strategic and creative, whilst being agile and adaptive, covering the full range of integrated marketing, but at the speed that businesses now demand. We allow our clients to work in real time. Creating better work, at pace.

If you’d like to work with an agency that wants to think like you think, get in touch, or alternatively take a look at some previous creative work.

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