White Paper: Towards A New Client-Agency Relationship

2016, the year where marketers discover that traditional agencies aren’t always the best solution – and this OLIVER white paper explains, that there’s now a faster, more transparent way to fulfil marketing needs and a new client-agency relationship.

Why marketers are finding the need to work differently

Digital has impacted the speed of the creative process. Not only are marketing teams facing internal restructuring while they scramble to close the skills gap, but they’re also working faster and harder with budgets that have not grown. In the meantime, advertising agencies have added digital skills to their talent pools, but the model and offering has stayed the same.


Faced with the growth of digital channels that require a quicker response, combined with the requirement to do more with less, marketers are taking back the control. Research shows that 27% of brands in 2015 claimed to work with no agencies on digital [1]. This is more than double the results gained from 2014. And by 2020, 54% of brands think they’ll bring previously outsourced functions back in-house to match the need for more agile marketing efforts.


Brands are finding many ways to make their agencies work better for them. Jaguar Land Rover have their own independent agency, Spark44. Specsavers have created their own in-house team that is run as an agency. And even broadcast networks are getting in on the in-house action.  The BBC, for example, who launched StoryWorks to help create better brand partnerships. Yet another approach is to bring content creation closer to the centre of the organization through dedicated and bespoke agencies that can be based in-house.

The bottom line is that because they’re closer to their client, these agencies all have a better understanding of the DNA of the brand. There’s less of a knowledge gap between the brand and agency. And they’re more invested in their clients’ success.

Download a free copy of our report “Towards a new client-agency relationship” to learn more.


If you’re interested to hear about some of the work we’ve done for our clients, including BMW, Britvic, and Starbucks, take a look at our work page or get in touch by phone, 020 3142 3503, or email.




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